TeachFirst workshop for PhDs, 14 November, 6.30pm, SE10

Interested in working for Google, Accenture or Deloitte after a 2 year stint in teaching? This workshop is just for postgraduates and experienced hires and gives you exposure to how competency-based applications in the UK are organised as well as information about the TeachFirst programme.

There’s more info here.

Date: 14 November 2017
Time: 6.30pm to 8pm
Venue: Teach First National Office
6 Mitre Passage
London SE10 0ER


Migrant Children – Dreams and Reality 

Join us at the Rio Cinema in Hackney for a Benefit screening followed by discussion and live music focussing on the experiences of children from 1970s to the present day who have escaped war, conflict and poverty in search of a better home.

Proceeds will go Hackney Migrants Centre, Child Migrant Stories and Calais Children initiative.

Date: 26 November 2017
Time: 2 – 5pm
Venue: Rio Cinema
107 Kingsland High Street
London E8 2PB

The event includes the screening of Passing Tides and Ugwumpiti, that has just been nominated for research Film of the year 2017 but also the powerful film Calais Children – a Case to Answer.

For more information and to book please see here.

Lost and Found through the Migrant Experience 

This event brings together different voices including former child migrants, artists, film makers and researchers to explore the significance of objects that have been lost or preserved during the migration experience.

Through discussion and film screenings, the conversation will explore how objects, such as photo albums, smartphones and personal artefacts, can evoke complex stories of displacement, as well as their representation in exhibitions, film and through social media.

Date: 22 November 2017
Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm
Venue: Autograph-abp,
Rivington Place
London EC2A 3BA

The event includes the screening of Life is a Destiny along with films and photographs created with families and young refugees in Calais and Lesvos.

The event  is free but places are filling up fast.

For more information and to book please see here

Careers workshop: Talking to clients (for STEM PhDs)

Employer skills workshop

Date: Wednesday 22 November 2017
Time: 5-6.30pm
Venue: Bancroft 320; Queen Mary University of London, Mile End campus


This session, which is specifically for PhDs and postdocs, will train you to articulate your scientific knowledge to a range of different clients.

The event, run by patent attorney firm Kilburn & Strode, will also give you an introduction to careers in patents and trademarks. This is a sector which recruits heavily from the STEM researcher population and pays well.

You’ll learn to:

  • succinctly and confidently summarise your research
  • get useful practice talking to professionals
  • describe complex scientific concepts for business audiences
  • differentiate between patents and trademarks and what a career as a patent attorney looks like

An invitation to take part in health research


We would like to invite you to take part in a research study conducted by Queen Mary University of London to investigate how the muscles and nerves of the back passage and rectum work to maintain normal bowel function.

Faecal incontinence and constipation are widespread problems that affects the health and quality of life of many people worldwide. The main symptom of faecal incontinence is the inability to control bowels resulting in loss of stool at inappropriate times. The main symptoms of constipation are infrequent and/or difficult passage of stool.

Many functional investigations are available to help identify the likely causes of these symptoms. However, our understanding of ‘normal’ is incomplete for some of these tests making them less useful for helping people with symptoms. We wish to find out what is normal by performing these investigations in healthy volunteers.

You may be eligible for this study as a healthy volunteer if you:

  • Are aged between 18 to 75 years
  • Have no bowel symptoms

You will not be eligible if you:

  • Have had previous gastrointestinal or colorectal surgery or have a major gastrointestinal disorder
  • Are pregnant

If you are interested in taking part, a telephone interview (pre-screening) will be scheduled. If you fit the study criteria, you will be asked to make one study visit to the Wingate Institute for Neurogastroenterology in Whitechapel. You will complete eligibility screening and undergo several short, painless tests designed to assess the strength, stretch, structure and sensation of the anorectum. All information that you provide will be anonymised and treated confidentially.

You are under no obligation to reply to this email. However if you choose to, participation in this research is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time. This study has been approved by the QMREC committee (QMERC2017/33).

On completion of the study, you will be compensated up to £100 for time and travel expenses incurred. If you would like further information please email Miss Annika Rasijeff at a.rasijeff@qmul.ac.uk or tel: 020 7882 2650.

Arts & Culture at QMUL – 08 November 2017


Join us for a celebration of the arts and culture at Queen Mary University of London.

Date: 08 November 2017
Time: 6pm to 10pm
Venue: People’s Palace
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road
London E1 4NS

Queen Mary is a major contributor to London’s cultural diversity. Established as a Victorian philanthropic institution dedicated to improving the lives of the people of the East End, QMUL is a global arts institution, firmly anchored in our East London community. QMUL is home to three Arts Council national portfolio organisations and countless practicing artists. Our cultural activities range from student societies to multi-million pound music technology spin-outs. And while QMUL has been at the forefront of developing links between the creative industries and higher education, we have always valued culture and the arts as a means to communicate our research, deliver innovative teaching, foster social justice and care for each other.

This event celebrates the transformative cultural experiences that students, staff and members of the public enjoy at QMUL. Focussing on the themes of our new five-year arts and culture strategy – global research, community engagement, and creative leadership – it brings together artists from the QMUL community with international leaders from the cultural sector.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Colin Bailey, Principal and President of Queen Mary University of London;
  • Tristram Hunt, Director of the V&A Museum;
  • Stella Hall, Co-founder of the Green Room and leading festival director;
  • Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England.

Performances include: Lois Weaver, performance artist and Professor of Contemporary Performance at QMUL; ‘My Saree’s Story’ performed by Showmi Das, directed by Rokshana Khan; the Chinese Music Studio; pianist Kate Ryder; poet Nick Makoha; singer and song writer Saida Tani; QMUL Associate Research Fellow and performance artist Dickie Beau; and live jazz music from QMUL’s students.

For more information and to book please see here.