Have you considered working in Medical Communications?

If you are a PhD student or a Postdoctoral Researcher with a life science background and an eye for detail, you may want to consider working in Medical Communications. There are entry level jobs in this field whereby agencies train candidates, with the relevant skills and background, to do the job!

Medical Communication agencies work with the pharmaceutical sector to raise awareness of medicines. So as a Medical Writer, you might be responsible for putting together a poster highlighting the benefits of a drug which is then presented at a medical conference. There are also other roles, such as an Account Manager, in which you will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients. Understanding life science and an understanding of the pharmaceutical sector are and advantage in both these roles.

To be a Medical Writer you will need many skills including:

  • Writing skills – agencies will give you a writing test as part of the interview.
  • Project management skills – as there are many deadlines in this business

There are different sized Medical Communication agencies with different and working cultures. Make sure that you research agencies to find out how they work and whether you would fit the working culture. Also think about organising information interviews with Medical Writers to specifically find out what they do and gain an insight into the culture of their agency.

If you would like to find out more about working in Medial Communications, look at a website called FirstMedCommsJob.com. It presents a list of agencies, how to move into the field from a PhD or Postdoc and advertises entry level jobs. It also publicises the various networking events that can help you access this field – well worth a look!


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